Cinnamon Verbena Organic Candle 4 oz, Jar

  • About

    At the Organic Candle Company, we take great pride in our exclusive, patent pending, organic candle formulation. Each candle is handmade and our 100% organic cotton wicks are braded in our facility as well. We do not coat the glass of our candles with UV protector.  At the Organic Candle Company we never use harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances or additives that could affect the air you breath.  Organic Candles and melts are made with all natural essential oils are very clean burning candles.  Each candle or melt is made in the United States and is made with the maximum amount of fragrance oil possible per candle once, but our candles will always have a mild, soft scent that will not over power because they are all natural.  We know you will enjoy our smokeless, non toxic candles and melts and so will the air you breathe!

  • Ingredients

    Our candles are made with Organic Palm Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Essential oil and Organic Wicks.


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