Our AROMATHERAPY CANDLES are made with 100% USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS and are Patent Pending and  contain the maximum concentration of the finest quality certified organic ingredients available. Our formula is perfectly balanced using only Organic Certified Ingredients, Organic essential oils and Organic cotton wicks. Ensuring a purity of experience that is only available from our unique candles.

"We believe we can make a difference in our environment, one candle at a time".

Most commercial candles are made of poisonous chemicals.  Paraffin is petroleum industry waste that is bleached (adding dioxin and other poisonous chemicals) and textured with acrolein. Satiric acid, a byproduct of the meat packing slaughterhouses, is added as a hardener. Often candles are highly scented with artificial, synthetic oils and marketed to "freshen" our precious air.  Of course they don't actually freshen or deodorize anything, they just mask smells with chemicals stronger and dangerous to our health.

"Aromatherapy" candles may be some of the worst!  Candle marketing takes advantage of us by using nice names like "harmony", "rejuvenation" and "bliss".  Some companies use good quality essential oils leading us to believe it is a quality product, but they add them in a paraffin candle to reduce the cost.  This makes no sense to us, and we trust that intelligent people will see through all the nonsense, however poetic, spiritual and natural they may seem. 


 We currently serve several niche markets. Massage Therapy, Eco Friendly Stores, Organic only retailers, Day Spas, Gift Baskets and more. We offer branded and private label organic candle products to all types of businesses. 

*The Organic Candle is PATENT PENDING - © 2010 - 2019 Universal Cosmetics LLC

There are underlying copyright interests in the various works of authorship associated with this trademark. These copyright and trademark interests may not be reproduced and redistributed, with or without alteration in whole or in part, unless prior written permission is provided by Universal Cosmetics, LLC

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