Why Organic candles?

concentration of the finest quality Ingredients. Our formula is perfectly balanced using only the
finest Organic Certified Ingredients, Organic essential oils and Organic cotton wick to ensure a
purity of experience that is only available from our unique candles.

Our candles are all Organic and non-toxic. We believe in making a difference
in the state of our planet one candle at a time.

Most commercial candles are made of poisonous chemicals.
Paraffin is petroleum industry waste that is bleached (adding dioxin and other poisonous
chemicals) and textured with acrolyn. Satiric acid, a byproduct of the meat packing
slaughterhouses, is added as a hardener. Often candles are highly scented with artificial,
synthetic oils and marketed to "freshen" our precious air.  

    Of course they don't actually freshen or deodorize anything, they just mask smells with
    chemicals stronger and dangerous to our health.

   "Aromatherapy" candles may be some of the worst, and marketing takes advantage of  
   us using nice names like "harmony", "rejuvenation" and "bliss". Some companies use  
   good quality essential oils and the focus our attention on that fact, but they are in a
paraffin candle. This makes no sense to us, and we trust that intelligent people will see
through all the nonsense, however poetic and "spiritual".
3 in 1 Scented Massage Oil Candles ~ Made from Natural Soy Bean

Ceduxion Candles are made from pure soy wax which is blended
with other natural oils and waxes to obtain the highest performing natural candle.
Our proprietary formulation enables us to create candles which burn smooth, clean, and

The base formula is adjusted each time to synchronize it with the aroma blend used,
this maintains a high quality candle with a longer burn time and low melting
point. Ceduxion Candles have 100% cotton wicks. Our candles are high quality,
non-toxic, and environmentally safe.

With love and romance on your mind, enhance a romantic evening with
absolute pleasure by setting the mood with the amazing glow of Ceduxion
Scented Massage Candle which enhances the intimate moments spent with
your loved one even more special and unforgettable.

Just Light the wick, let it burn for 20 minutes, turn off the wick
and gently pour the warm melted wax oil directly onto skin and massage.
3 in 1 Scented Massage Candle
Melts Into a...
Warming Massage Oil
Body Moisturizer & Aromatherapy Candle
We do believe we can make a difference on Saving the earth one CANDLE at a time!
According to the American EPA, paraffin candles are known to release carcinogens like benzene and toluene. When burned, they
spew choking toxins and black soot as harmful to our health as second-hand tobacco smoke that coats our walls, our heart and
our lungs.  Just try breathing directly over a lit paraffin candle and you’ll know immediately how poisonous it is.

The American Lung Association says "Refrain from burning scented or slow-burning candles that have additives." This is such a
serious issue that the insurance industry is issuing stern warnings - and policies.

Spending a little more money locating organic non-toxic candles appears to be
justified in regards to your indoor air environment and your health
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